Market Data & Insights

MotoCyclesData is the solely owner of the widest and deepest motorcycles database existing, tracking over 600 brands, 33.000 models in over 80 markets on monthly basis since 2012 to this morning.


  • Over 200 different sources of data, including all the International & National Manufacturers Associations
  • Monthly tracking of two-wheeler vehicle sales from 2012 to the present day for over 80 countries
  • Volumes forecasts for all regions, all markets, all segments, all brands, for the next 8 years
  • Standard segmentation of all models on sales in the world is continuously updated and actually the Database includes over 35.000 different models, 600 brands. Each of them has been segmented for:
    • Brand
    • Model
    • Type (moped, scooter, motorcycles, tricycles, tuk-tuk, ATV, others)
    • Wheels (2,3,4)
    • Category (street, off-road, touring, sport,…)
    • CC
    • CC-class (including EVs, Hybrid)
    • Stroke/ABS
    • Premium/Not Premium
    • Brand country of origin
  • Custom Made segmentation of all models on sales in the world is provided in partnership of our Top Client. We can apply the single OEMs internal model classification within our Model Segmentation and provide data, reports, analysis already segmented in line with the custom-made view.