Aprilia motorcycles

Aprilia accelerates in the 2019 and global sales are back over 80.000

Aprilia global sales performance in the 2019 is outstanding projecting the year back at the 2012 level, following four raising years. Indeed, in the first nine months of the year, sales have been 65.041, up 8.3%. Indian region is the largest, with 36% of global sales followed by Europe with 27%.

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Piaggio. In 2019 global sales increased 6%

Piaggio improved global motorcycles sales in the 2019 by over 6% with a final projection of 330.000 units (not including commercial vehicles and referring just on Piaggio and Vespa sales). Indeed, in the first nine months of the year global registrations have been 262.283 (+6.8%). North America, ASEAN and Europe have been all positive.

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Benelli runs in the 2020 hitting a new all time record

Benelli Motorcycles in the 2019 hit the new all time record in global sales and after having overtaken Ducati is now challenging Triumph position in the motorcycles ranking. Indeed, in the first nine months of the year global sales have been 50.037, up 8.7%. The 26.8% fall reported in Latam countries have been more than balance by a +27.8% in West Europe.

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Gogoro. In the 2019 sales boom near the 0.2 million units

Gogoro is boosting sales introducing new models and launching advanced projects, like the launched in  the first GoShare launched in the city of Taoyuan (Taiwan). Full year 2019 sales will be near sixth time higher than in the 2017, with sales not far from the 0.2 million units.

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Triumph Motorcycles

Triumph. Global sales are projected to hit In the 2019 the sixth all time record in a row

Triumph Motorcycles is projected to end the 2019 at 67.000 global sales, which would be the new all time record, the 6th in a row. year to date September global sales have been 55.192, up 3.5%. Sales are booming in North Asia, North America and Europe while are falling down in India and in the ASEAN region.

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Harley-Davidson. The 2019 global sales performance will be the worst in this decade

Harley-Davidson global sales in the 2019 are projected at the lowest performance in this decade. Indeed in the first  nine months of the year, sales have been 179.848, down 5.5% from the correspondent period last year. Sales are declining in North America, Europe and Indian area, while are booming in the ASEAN.

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Kymco. Domestic market is penalizing the 2019 global score

Kymco Motorcycles global sales performance slowed down in the first nine months of the 2019 following a series of 3 consecutive all-time record. Difficulties in the domestic market have penalized the performance, which is quite positive in the rest of the World, from Latam, to ASEAN and Europe.

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SYM Fiddle II

SYM. European double-digit growth support the 2019 projection at new record

SYM motorcycles boosted global sales during the first nine months of the 2019 with a record of 372.000 units, up over 2% from the correspondent period last year. Sales are driven up by European operations, while sales in the domestic Taiwanese market are steady.

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TVS Motor

TVS Motor. In 2019 global sales decline 7% hit by the Indian market’s fall

TVS Motor global sales in the first nine months of the 2019 has been penalized by the domestic market fall and were negative by 7% at 2.2 million units. International business is growing with double-digit increase in Latin America and in the ASEAN regions.

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Royal Enfield

Royal Enfield. 2019 sales are down 20%, despite fast growing in Europe and South America

Royal Enfield has lost 20.2% of sales in the first nine months of the 2019 following a score of 6 consecutive all time record. Sales are fast growing in all regions, but in India, which dragged down the global performance. In Europe sales are booming in all countries and UK become the second market worldwide.

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Hero Motor. 2019 sales are declined 14% after the first nine months

Hero Motors reported in first nine months of the 2019 the first double-digit lost since 2011 divorce with Honda, hit not only by the lost in the domestic market, but even by sharply negative scores in export markets, like Ecuador, Sri Lanka and Argentina. The World’s second largest motorcycles company is facing the first difficulties after a long growth reported in the last years.

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bajaj auto

Bajaj Auto. 2019 sales are falling down, penalized by India and Latam

Bajaj Auto is struggling in the 2019, hit by the decline of the domestic market. Indeed in the first nine months of the year global sales have been 2.8 million, down 2.7%. Sales are declining in Latin America as well, while in the CIS markets, where the brand entered last year, the trend is outstanding.

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Ducati. While losing share in Europe, the 2019 should mark the new all time record

Ducati Motor Holding will probably end the 2019 with the new all time sales record taking marginal benefit from the growth of the domestic European market, while improving in South America after years of difficulties and in China. Indeed, in the first nine months of the year global sales were 46.010, up a little 1.2%.

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BMW Motorrad. 2019 sales are booming at the new record of 180.000 units

BMW Motorrad growth accelerated in the 2019 following 8 years of continuous success. In the first nine months of this year sales boosted 14% projecting an impressive record of near 180.000 units, in line with the Management target to assault the 200k units by 2020. BMW is growing in all region, but the Indian success shines overall.

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Zero Motorcycles

Zero. In 2018 sales still below the 3k units, mainly in US & Europe

Zero Motorcycles Incorporated is an American manufacturer of electric motorcycles. Founded in 2006 in a Santa Cruz, California garage by a former NASA engineer, Neal Saiki, it has been developed fast and actually distributes in over 30 countries, while US sales are sharply predominant.

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Hyosung. The Korean motorcycles star is declining

Hyosung is a South Korean motorcycles brand, active since the 1978. Headquartered in Changwon, a South East coastal Korean city, it is the leader in the home-country and distributed in 60 countries in the World.

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Niu. The first e-scooter to sell over 1 million units worldwide!

Niu is a recently born brand with the mission to invent a new style for urban mobility. The company, Jiangsu Niu Electric Technology Co. is based in Wujin, Changzhou, China since the fall of the 2014 and is projected to achieve the milestone of 1 million e-scooter sold (from business start) by the end of 2019. Probably is – as self-defined – the global leader in the segment.

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Italika. Celebrating the 2018 sales record, a new plant was opened in March

Italika, the fascinating Mexican motorcycles company, inaugurated the sixth plant during a ceremony in mid March. The new Lerma plant covers 10.000 square meters and will contribute to increase annual capacity at near 750.000. Italika just ended the 2018 with a new record sales, achieving the milestone of 0.6 million sales in a single year.

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Zanella. In 2018 celebrated the 70th Anniversary

Zanella is an Argentine brand leader in the motorcycles production and sales in South America, established 70 years ago and icon of Argentinian industry, employing near 1.000 people and selling just over 100 K per year. In The 2018, while celebrating the 70th anniversary, they have lost the leadership in the home market.

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