Egypt. In the 2019 the market kept falling down

Egyptian Motorcycles industry felt down 34% in the 2019 continuing on the negative pathway started few years ago. Indeed the market had been penalized by increased price due to high inflation and new duties which killed the relevant rickshaw segment. The motorcycles segment has been moderately positive with Bajaj as market leader ahead of Honda.

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Israel. Following six years of growth, in 2019 market fell down 7%

Israel Motorcycles Market in the 2019 declined 7.1% following the previous six years growth. The market is dominated by Taiwanese SYM and Kymco which have a combined market share near 40%. Kawasaki is the best premium brand with an outstanding level of sales in the year, up 52%.

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Iran Motorcycles

Iran 2018. In the last decade sales down from 1,5 million to 0,1

Iran motorcycles industry was topping the World a decade ago when sales reached the 1.5 million per year. Then, the introduction of limits to the two-wheeler emission killed the local industrial system, boosted the price of imported models and resulted in a collapse not yet ended. In the 2018, the market hit the lower level in the last 30 years, just over the 100.000 units.

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Morocco Motorcycles

Morocco 2018. Sales fell down for the 4th year in a row

Morocco Motorcycles Market kept losing terrain in the 2018, when sales fell down near 10k compared with the previous year. The industry is still under the effect of the 2015 law which requires the registrations of all vehicles, including the below 50cc, causing a shock to a market dominated by low-displacement moped imported from China.

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