Latin America motorcycles

Latin America. Following the 6.4% lost last year, the 2020 will be widely negative

Latin America motorcycles market in the 2019 was almost negative with sales at 3.2 million, down 6.4% from the previous year, despite the two largest markets, Brazil and Colombia grew up in double-digit. Unfortunately all the other 14 countries we track have reported a negative performance. While original outlook for the 2020 was positive, the Covid19 arrival in the region is now deteriorating all the economic indicators, severely hurting the industry

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Paraguay. In the 2019 sales improved at the third highest level ever

Paraguay Motorcycles Market is the 26th largest in the World, gaining 3 spots last year when sales improved at 171.580. The market is controlled by local made product and local Manufacturer control the first 5 places in the ranking. After over a decade, Kenton has lost the leadership, outpaced by Star. Honda is the first not-local brand.

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Mexico Motorcycles

Mexico. Driven by local brands success the market outpaced the 1 million annual sales

Mexico Motorcycles Market near doubled sales in the period 2014-2019 reaching over 1 million annual sales and surging in the 9th place worldwide, second in America, after Brazil. The market is dominated by local brands, with Italika holding near 70% of the market and Vento and Caravella in the podium.

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United States. Motorcycles & ATV market down for the fourth year in a row

United States Motorcycles Market in the 2019 reported the fourth decline in a row hitting the lowest level in decades, with 640.608 sales (-3.6%) in the combined moto & ATVs segments. While Harley-Davidson and the top 7 brands have lost, KTM kept growing. BMW, Triumph and Ducati have lost, moderately.

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Colombia. 2019 Motorcycles sales up 6% gaining the 13th place in the World

Colombian Motorcycles industry in the 2019 was one of the few positive within the Latin America region, gaining 6.4% with 584.335. Colombia become the second largest motorcycles industry in South America and the 13th in the World, despite sales are not at the best level, achieved in the 2014. Bajaj Auto is market leader while the other Indian manufacturers Hero and TVS are fast growing.

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Brazilian Motorcycles Market

Brazil. In 2019 sales up 12% at 1.07 million units, ranking 8th in the World

Brazilian Motorcycles Market kept the positive path in the 2019 with sales up 12% at 1.07 million units, the best score in the last four years and the 8th highest level in the World. Despite the already huge market share, Honda keeps gaining terrain over all competitors, while Suzuki is fast growing and Ducati is finally positive.

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Ecuador Motorcycles

Ecuador. Year-end sales rush pulled the 2019 motorcycles market at the third record in a row

Ecuador Motorcycles Market rushed in the fourth quarter of the 2019 recovering after three negative quarters, ending the 2019 at the new all time record, the third in a row, with 174.895 sales, up 4.3%. The market leader is the Chinese Shineray with 16% of market share, followed by Suzuki and the local brand Daytona. Honda struggles in 11th place.

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Argentine Motorcycles Market

Argentina. In 2019 motorcycles sales dropped 44% at lowest level in the last 20 years

Argentine Motorcycles Market collapsed in the 2019 hit by the economic and financial crisis. With 325.312 sales, in the 2019 Argentina was the worst motorcycles market in the World (considering the Top 50 markets) as year-on-year score and the sales level was the worst in the last 20 years. Honda has consolidated the leadership while Zanella lost 60%.

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Peruvian Motorcycles

Peru August. Motorcycles market is recovering despite economic environment is worsening

Peruvian Motorcycles Market in the Q3 2019 is recovering after a shy start of the year and despite the political, social and economic environment are worsening. Year to date August sales were 216.067 (-3.9%). Honda is market leader despite losing 20%, followed by the local brand Wanxim and the Indian Bajaj Auto. 

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Guatemala. In the 2018 the market hit the 4th All Time Record in a row

Guatemala Motorcycles Market continue to grow year after year and is the second largest in Central America after Mexico. The positive economic environment and the arrival of several new players have boosted the market in recent years up the 2018 24th position at global level. 

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