Ecuador Motorcycles

Ecuador. Hit by the economic crisis, in the 2019 the market is losing 28%

Ecuador Motorcycles Market in the 2019 has been hit by the economic crisis and is sharply declining. Indeed, in the first nine months of the year sales have been 89.733, down an heavy 28.7% and the perspectives for the remaining part of the year are not encouraging. The market leader is the Chinese Shineray with 17.4% of market share, followed by Suzuki.

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Latin America motorcycles

Latin America. The motorcycles industry has lost 6.8% in 9 months 2019

Latin America motorcycles market in the first nine months of the 2019 was almost negative with sales at 2.27 million, down 6.8% from the correspondent period last year, despite the two largest markets, Brazil and Colombia grew up in double-digit. Several markets are rally collapsing, including Argentina, Chile and Ecuador.

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Argentine Motorcycles Market

Argentina. Zanella & Yamaha are collapsing in a market down 45%

Argentine Motorcycles Market is collapsing hit by the economic and financial crisis and in the first ten months of the 2019 have lost 44% of volume, being the worst market globally. Honda has consolidated the leadership while Zanella dropped in fourth place, overtaken by Motomel and Corven. Yamaha is down over 60%

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Colombia September. Starker & KTM booming in a market up 12%

Colombian Motorcycles industry kept the positive pathway in September 2019 with sales up 11.5% confirming the place as second largest market in South America with annual sales up 12.2%. Bajaj Auto is market leader ahead of the Honda and AKT while Starker and KTM are booming.

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Peruvian Motorcycles

Peru August. Motorcycles market is recovering despite economic environment is worsening

Peruvian Motorcycles Market in the Q3 2019 is recovering after a shy start of the year and despite the political, social and economic environment are worsening. Year to date August sales were 216.067 (-3.9%). Honda is market leader despite losing 20%, followed by the local brand Wanxim and the Indian Bajaj Auto. 

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Brazilian Motorcycles Market

Brazil August. Market keeps the speed in double-digit while Suzuki is the fastest growing brand

Brazilian Motorcycles Market continue to fly in the 2019, with August sales up in double-digit again and the entire year projected at 1.1 million units. Despite the already huge market share, Honda keeps gaining terrain over all competitors, while Suzuki is fast growing and Ducati is finally positive.

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Guatemala. In the 2018 the market hit the 4th All Time Record in a row

Guatemala Motorcycles Market continue to grow year after year and is the second largest in Central America after Mexico. The positive economic environment and the arrival of several new players have boosted the market in recent years up the 2018 24th position at global level. 

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Paraguay. In the 2018 ranked as the World’s 29th market, while losing 7%

Paraguay Motorcycles Market is the 29th largest in the World, despite in the 2018 was far from the over 200k record reported in the 2011. Last year sales felt 7% due to the not favorable economic environment. Over 95% of models sold are locally produced and the market is concentrated in local brands hands.

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United States Motorcycles Market

United States 2018. Harley Davidson victim of old-fashion strategies and “American First” effects

United States Motorcycles Market has lost 3% in the 2018, with volumes back at 2012 level. However inside the market a revolution is in a place and Americans will be shocked to see in 2-3 years that Harley will not even be the market leader. In addition Harley Davidson is one of the most damaged American company by the “American First” protectionist strategy

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