Pakistan Motorcycles

Pakistan. Q1 2020 sales decline for the sixth quarter in a row

Pakistani Motorcycles Industry has unchanged the negative trend and the Q1 2020 had been the sixth declining quarter in a row. Despite the Covid19 will marginally hit the Pakistani economy, the outlook for the year is negative, due to high price, increased duties on the sector, currency depreciation, while the recovery should start only in the Q2 2021.

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India. First Quarter 2020 sales down 20% with the full year projected below the 15 million

Indian two-wheeler market started the 2020 keeping the negative trend in place and losing 14% in January and 19% in February, with March projected 29% down, at the 16th consecutive year on year lost. The effects of Covid19 will further deteriorate the outlook, already penalized by Euro 4 emission standard introduction and vehicles price increase.

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Sri Lanka Motorcycles

Sri Lanka. In the 2019 the two-wheeler market declined for the fourth year in a row

Sri Lanka Motorcycles Market in the 2019 has reported the fourth decline in a row, losing 14.4% from the previous year and landing just over the 300.000 units. In the global chessboard, the country lost positions and actually ranks as the 18th. Of course, Indian brands dominated but Yamaha shines with a market share over the 20%.

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Bangladesh. In the 2019 two-wheeler sales over 600.000. Bajaj dominates

Bangladesh Motorcycles Industry is the new frontier for the entire sector. Supported by a favorable development policy and high investment by Indian and Japanese manufacturers, the industry is booming. Following sales doubled in the last three years, in the 2019 sales hit the 0.6 million units. Bajaj Auto dominates.

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Indian Electric Scooter and Motorcycles Market felt down 34% in the 2019

Indian Electric Scooter and Motorcycles Market target is to be 90% electric by 2025 by a recent government release as a result of a Think Tank activity chaired by the Prime Minister aiming to dramatically cut pollution and reduce fuel import bill. However, the target can be achieved only with disruptive policies rarely seen in India. However, FAME II introduction pushed 2019 market down over 34%.

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