Indian Electric Scooter and Motorcycles Market felt down 34% in the 2019

Indian Electric Scooter and Motorcycles Market target is to be 90% electric by 2025 by a recent government release as a result of a Think Tank activity chaired by the Prime Minister aiming to dramatically cut pollution and reduce fuel import bill. However, the target can be achieved only with disruptive policies rarely seen in India. However, FAME II introduction pushed 2019 market down over 34%.

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India. Two-wheeler sales felt in December for the thirteenth consecutive month

Indian two-wheeler market felt down again in December for the thirteenth consecutive month ending the 2018 with over 3 million units below the record established in the previous year, down 14.4%. All top brands have lost a part Suzuki, which gained to place in the ranking scoring the new all time sales record.

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Bangladesh. In the 2019 local market will record 600.000 units

Bangladesh Motorcycles Industry is the new frontier for the entire sector. Supported by a favorable development policy and high investment by Indian and Japanese manufacturers, the industry is booming. Following sales doubled in the last three years, in the 2019 sales are projected over the 0.6 million units. Bajaj Auto dominates.

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Pakistan Motorcycles

Pakistan. Feeble economy and high inflation hit the 2019 two wheeler market performance

Pakistani Motorcycles Industry din the first eleven months of the 2019 new two and three wheeler sales 1.542.356, down 12.9%. Just in November the series of 10 consecutive declining months was broken, with sales at 145.429 (+2.5%). Honda dominates the market with over 60% of share ahead of a group of local brands and the other Japanese, Yamaha and Suzuki

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Sri Lanka Motorcycles

Sri Lanka. In the 2018 the market felt down for the 4th year in a string

Sri Lanka Motorcycles Market felt down 2.6% in the 2018 posting the fourth decline in a row. The country ranks as the sixteen in the MCD Global Motorcycles Ranking. The market is a feud for Bajaj Auto which dominate with over 60% of market share. 2019 outlook is almost negative.

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