Latin America motorcycles

Latin America. Following the 6.4% lost last year, the 2020 will be widely negative

Latin America motorcycles market in the 2019 was almost negative with sales at 3.2 million, down 6.4% from the previous year, despite the two largest markets, Brazil and Colombia grew up in double-digit. Unfortunately all the other 14 countries we track have reported a negative performance. While original outlook for the 2020 was positive, the Covid19 arrival in the region is now deteriorating all the economic indicators, severely hurting the industry

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World Motorcycles Market. In the 2019 sales down 1.6 million units

World Motorcycles market has lost 1.6 million units in the 2019 compared with the previous year, which was at the highest level ever. The sales lost in the largest market, India, have only partially recovered by the positive trend in China and Europe. However, 2019 was positive while the forecast for the 2020 is awful.

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Asean Motorcycles

ASEAN. In 2019 motorcycles sales grew up 5%, booming in Singapore & Malaysia

ASEAN Motorcycles Industry represents the 22.4% of the global two-wheeler market and in the 2019 consolidated the position with sales up 5.3%, at the second highest level ever of 13.75 million units. Honda dominates ahead of Yamaha, Suzuki and Kawasaki. However, BMW, Triumph, KTM, Piaggio, Ducati are producing in the region and Harley-Davidson is arriving.

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Europe. In 2019 Motorcycles Sales up 7.9%. BMW shines, Harley-Davidson struggles

European Motorcycles Market, during the 2019 improved 7.9% at 1.7 million units, at the best level out of last 8 years. Honda is the leader with 13.9% of market share, while BMW, in fourth place, for the first time sold over 100.000 units. KTM was up 6.8%, while other premium brands are stable, like Triumph and Ducati, or struggles, like Harley-Davidson.

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