French Motorcycles

France. In March sales down 54% projecting the 2020 at 170.000 units

French Motorcycles Market momentum was killed in March as the Covid19 forces the country to shut down commercial activities. In March new motorcycles sales have been 14.179 (-52.2%) ending the first quarter with 54.650 units, down 17.8%. According to our Research Team the full year 2020 sales will be 170.000 (-44.9%), but the 2021 will show an immediate recovery.

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Italy. Following the March fall the 2020 is projected down 46%

Italian Motorcycles Market fell down 65% in March, when all economic activities were in shut down since the 10th, due to the huge emergency created by the Covid19, with all dealers closed. The Q1 ended down 25% while we are projecting the entire 2020 at 139.000 units, down 46% with a recovery in the 2021 which will not allow the market to be back at the pre-crisis level

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Spain. Motorcycles Market collapsed in March losing 45.9% as shut down effect

Spanish Motorcycles Market collapsed in March losing 45.9% as consequence of all commercial activities shut down in place since mid month. The Q1 ended with 38.432 sales (-10.8%) thanks to the positive start, before the Covid19 crisis. The 2020 is the hardest year since the II World War and the motorcycles market will deeply lose sales, with full year 2020 projection down 46.6%.

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Europe. Electric Scooter and Motorcycles Market up 50% in the 2019

European Electric Scooter and Motorcycles Market grew up 50% in the 2019 following the already astonishing +100% reported in the previous year. Despite the number of manufacturers grew up at the record of 880, the market is dominated by the Chinese NIU. The fastest growing markets in the 2019 have been Latvia, Slovaka and Portugal.

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Europe. In 2019 Motorcycles Sales up 7.9%. BMW shines, Harley-Davidson struggles

European Motorcycles Market, during the 2019 improved 7.9% at 1.7 million units, at the best level out of last 8 years. Honda is the leader with 13.9% of market share, while BMW, in fourth place, for the first time sold over 100.000 units. KTM was up 6.8%, while other premium brands are stable, like Triumph and Ducati, or struggles, like Harley-Davidson.

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Turkey 2019. Yamaha shines in a market down only 1%

Turkish Motorcycles Market in the 2019 performed better than expected, while the car industry collapsed. Indeed, motorcycles sales have been 154.619, down an acceptable 1.5%. Honda recovered the leadership lost last year while Yamaha jumped up 39% and BMW lead premium segment.

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Germany Motorcycles

Germany. Aprilia shines in the 2019 while the market increased 5%

Germany Motorcycles Market in the 2019 was pulled up 6.1% at 194.002 units by the outstanding success of the new BMW 1.250 GS which already represent 5% of market share, boosting the BMW back on top, after the 2018 Piaggio victory.  Aprilia entered in the top 10 with +25% of sales while Harley-Davidson, Peugeot & Ducati are losing.

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Royal Enfield Continental GT

Great Britain 2019. Royal Enfield booms in a moderately positive market

British Motorcycles Market was moderately positive in the 2019 with total 107.551 sales, up 1.6%. Honda keeps dominating with near 20% of market share, ahead of Yamaha and BMW. While Harley-Davidson lost in double-digit, Royal Enfield scored the fastest increase, up 124%, jumping in 11th place. Suzuki lost 20% and Ducati 5%.

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