Australia. Husqvarna the fastest growing in a market down for the third year in a string

Australian Motorcycles Sales Figures in the 2019 has been negative for the third year in a row with 89.199 units, down 6.1% Three Japanese brands dominate the market with over 55% of share, while the fastest growing brand has been Husqvarna (+13%) and Harley-Davidson and Ducati kept declining.

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Yamaha EC-05

Taiwan. Electric scooter segment is booming due to a 2020 revised incentive scheme

Taiwan Motorcycles Market in the 2019 is steady at the previous year level. However, the market is deeply changing and the new local start-up, Gogoro is over doubling sales escalating the ranking. Since January 2020, the Environmental Protection Agency ’s (EPA) incentives to electric vehicles will be reduced with a rush to purchase in these last days of the year.

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Japan motorcycles

Japan. In the 2019 the market will mark a new negative record

Japanese Motorcycles Market in the 2019 the Japanese domestic market is projected to hit a new record low.  Indeed, during the first three-quarters of the year sales were not recovering but steady the previous year level. Since October, when tax on sales of goods were increased from 8% to 10% the demand for consumers good in Japan sharply declined.

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China. Since July 2019 the two-wheeler industry is fast growing

Chinese Motorcycles Market has changed mood since July 2019 and after a long decline is growing an impressive 20% with Year to Date October at 13.8 million sales, up 6.6% The e-scooter segment is booming but also vehicles with traditional combustion are fast growing.

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South Korea motorcycles

South Korea 2018. Sales declined for the third year in a row

South Korea Motorcycles Industry moderately lost in the 2018, keeping the negative trend for the third year in a row and ranking only as 31st in the global ranking. Local brands hold a near 70% of market share while Honda is gaining terrain and BMW is the best brand among premium.

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