China. Since July 2019 the two-wheeler industry is fast growing

Chinese Motorcycles Market has changed mood since July 2019 and after a long decline is growing an impressive 20% with Year to Date October at 13.8 million sales, up 6.6% The e-scooter segment is booming but also vehicles with traditional combustion are fast growing.

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Yamaha EC-05

Taiwan September. In 2019 market is fast recovering

Taiwan Motorcycles Market started the 2019 in slow tone, but then surging demand pushed sales up and the year is running up quite well, taking huge benefit from the fast growth of electric scooter segment, driven by Gogoro success, but also with the launch of several new models from any manufacturer.

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Japan motorcycles

Japan August. Husqvarna shines in a market in slow recovery

Japanese Motorcycles Market is recovering after a shy start of the year and sales year to date August were up 0.7%. All Japanese brands are almost stable compared with the previous year while Husqvarna, recently landed in the country, is the fastest growing brand. Ducati and Harley-Davidson are losing.

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Australia. In the 2019 the market will fall at the lowest in decades

Australian Motorcycles Market reported a deep 11% lost in the first half 2019 projecting the worst year in the last three decades. The already negative trend was enhanced by the weakest GDP growth in almost a decade and all motorcycles brands felt down. Harley-Davidson surprised with an outstanding performance.

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South Korea motorcycles

South Korea 2018. Sales declined for the third year in a row

South Korea Motorcycles Industry moderately lost in the 2018, keeping the negative trend for the third year in a row and ranking only as 31st in the global ranking. Local brands hold a near 70% of market share while Honda is gaining terrain and BMW is the best brand among premium.

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