Thailand. The global recession will hit the market in 2020 with a projected lost of 20%

Thailand Motorcycles Market started the 2020 with a -3% after two months, keeping the moderate decline in place. The environment will deteriorate during the year as the export activities, crucial in the country, will be hit by global recession and domestic demand will fall down. The motorcycles market will be hit and is projected to lose 20%

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Vietnam. The 2020 fast start (+11%) will be broken by economic growth decline

Vietnam Motorcycles Market has started the 2020 with a double-digit growth with Year to Date February sales up 11% at 476.000 units. However, in projection the national economy will be indirectly hit by the global recession and despite the Covid19 seems under control, the new vehicles demand will decline in the next months, with full year sales foreseen at 2.6million, down 6%.

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Asean Motorcycles

ASEAN. In 2019 motorcycles sales grew up 5%, booming in Singapore & Malaysia

ASEAN Motorcycles Industry represents the 22.4% of the global two-wheeler market and in the 2019 consolidated the position with sales up 5.3%, at the second highest level ever of 13.75 million units. Honda dominates ahead of Yamaha, Suzuki and Kawasaki. However, BMW, Triumph, KTM, Piaggio, Ducati are producing in the region and Harley-Davidson is arriving.

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Philippines Motorcycles

Philippines. In 2019 the two-wheeler market hit the 8th all time record in a row

Philippines Motorcycles Market in the 2019 hit the eight all time record in a row, with 1.66 million units. Honda is market leader, but Yamaha has reduced the gap. The country is attracting all global players and both MV Agusta and Triumph started up new local distributors, while KTM is producing near 7k units and BMW was over 1.000 units, first time ever.

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Honda CBR1000RR 2019

Indonesia. In the 2019 the market was back at 6.5 million

Indonesian Motorcycles in the 2019 kept the positive pathway taken in the previous year and sales grew up at 6.5 million units, up a little 1.3%. he Government just drew up two targets for the 2025, the 10 million units produced and the 1 million units exported. Honda controls the market with 73% of market share, but the only electric model produced is sold just with a lease formula and an official price list is not available.

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Malaysia Motorcycles

Malaysia. Yamaha is leader in a market grown 15% in the 2019

Malaysia Motorcycles Industry in the 2019 was back at the level of 2013 annual record volume, following three years of fast growth. While several brands are on sales, over 65% of the market is concentrated in the hands of Yamaha and Honda. Malaysia ranks as 14th largest market in the World Ranking.

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