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Pakistan Motorcycles

Pakistan. Feeble economy and high inflation hit the 2019 two wheeler market performance

Pakistani Motorcycles Industry din the first eleven months of the 2019 new two and three wheeler sales 1.542.356, down 12.9%. Just in November the series of 10 consecutive declining months was broken, with sales at 145.429 (+2.5%). Honda dominates the market with over 60% of share ahead of a group of local brands and the other Japanese, Yamaha and Suzuki

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Egypt. New regulations severely hit the market

Egyptian Motorcycles industry felt down 33% in the first nine months of the 2019 due to the collapse (from April) of the tuk tuk segment, hit by the introduction of a new regulations. The motorcycles segment has been moderately positive with Bajaj as market leader ahead of Honda.

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Japan motorcycles

Japan. In the 2019 the market will mark a new negative record

Japanese Motorcycles Market in the 2019 the Japanese domestic market is projected to hit a new record low.  Indeed, during the first three-quarters of the year sales were not recovering but steady the previous year level. Since October, when tax on sales of goods were increased from 8% to 10% the demand for consumers good in Japan sharply declined.

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Harley-Davidson. The 2019 global sales performance will be the worst in this decade

Harley-Davidson global sales in the 2019 are projected at the lowest performance in this decade. Indeed in the first  nine months of the year, sales have been 179.848, down 5.5% from the correspondent period last year. Sales are declining in North America, Europe and Indian area, while are booming in the ASEAN.

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India. In October the two wheelers market lost 15%. Hero is down 15% in the 2019

Indian two-wheeler market kept falling in double-digit during October 2019 with 1.8 million sales (-15%) with year to date figures down in double-digit. All top local brands are losing heavily. Pushed up by the recently opened local plant, BMW is gaining 900% ranking already in 11th place, only two years after landing in the country.

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Colombia. The 2019 will score the best out of the last five years

Colombian Motorcycles industry in the 2019 is one of the fastest growing in the World and is projected at the best score out of the last five years. Indeed, sales in the first ten months of the year have been 505.000, up 11.4% with October at 52.169, +4.5%. Bajaj Auto is market leader ahead of the Honda and AKT while Starker and KTM are booming.

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Brazilian Motorcycles Market

Brazil . Honda is pulling up the market at 2019 target of 1.1 million sales

Brazilian Motorcycles Market continue to fly projecting the year over 1.1 million units. Indeed in the first ten months of the year sales have been 918.436, up 14.3% with October sales at 102.545, up 11.6%. Despite the already huge market share, Honda keeps gaining terrain over all competitors, while Suzuki is fast growing and Ducati is finally positive.

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Europe. In 2019 the motorcycles industry will hit the highest in this decade

European Motorcycles Market is hitting in the 2019 the best year in this decade. Indeed, Year to Date October sales at 1.52 million were up 7.3% from the correspondent period last year. Honda is the leader, while BMW and SYM are shining. Ducati is flat, while Harley-Davidson is among the worst.

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Kymco. Domestic market is penalizing the 2019 global score

Kymco Motorcycles global sales performance slowed down in the first nine months of the 2019 following a series of 3 consecutive all-time record. Difficulties in the domestic market have penalized the performance, which is quite positive in the rest of the World, from Latam, to ASEAN and Europe.

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SYM Fiddle II

SYM. European double-digit growth support the 2019 projection at new record

SYM motorcycles boosted global sales during the first nine months of the 2019 with a record of 372.000 units, up over 2% from the correspondent period last year. Sales are driven up by European operations, while sales in the domestic Taiwanese market are steady.

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TVS Motor

TVS Motor. In 2019 global sales decline 7% hit by the Indian market’s fall

TVS Motor global sales in the first nine months of the 2019 has been penalized by the domestic market fall and were negative by 7% at 2.2 million units. International business is growing with double-digit increase in Latin America and in the ASEAN regions.

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Royal Enfield

Royal Enfield. 2019 sales are down 20%, despite fast growing in Europe and South America

Royal Enfield has lost 20.2% of sales in the first nine months of the 2019 following a score of 6 consecutive all time record. Sales are fast growing in all regions, but in India, which dragged down the global performance. In Europe sales are booming in all countries and UK become the second market worldwide.

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Hero Motor. 2019 sales are declined 14% after the first nine months

Hero Motors reported in first nine months of the 2019 the first double-digit lost since 2011 divorce with Honda, hit not only by the lost in the domestic market, but even by sharply negative scores in export markets, like Ecuador, Sri Lanka and Argentina. The World’s second largest motorcycles company is facing the first difficulties after a long growth reported in the last years.

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bajaj auto

Bajaj Auto. 2019 sales are falling down, penalized by India and Latam

Bajaj Auto is struggling in the 2019, hit by the decline of the domestic market. Indeed in the first nine months of the year global sales have been 2.8 million, down 2.7%. Sales are declining in Latin America as well, while in the CIS markets, where the brand entered last year, the trend is outstanding.

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Ecuador Motorcycles

Ecuador. Hit by the economic crisis, in the 2019 the market is losing 28%

Ecuador Motorcycles Market in the 2019 has been hit by the economic crisis and is sharply declining. Indeed, in the first nine months of the year sales have been 89.733, down an heavy 28.7% and the perspectives for the remaining part of the year are not encouraging. The market leader is the Chinese Shineray with 17.4% of market share, followed by Suzuki.

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Ducati. While losing share in Europe, the 2019 should mark the new all time record

Ducati Motor Holding will probably end the 2019 with the new all time sales record taking marginal benefit from the growth of the domestic European market, while improving in South America after years of difficulties and in China. Indeed, in the first nine months of the year global sales were 46.010, up a little 1.2%.

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Latin America motorcycles

Latin America. The motorcycles industry has lost 6.8% in 9 months 2019

Latin America motorcycles market in the first nine months of the 2019 was almost negative with sales at 2.27 million, down 6.8% from the correspondent period last year, despite the two largest markets, Brazil and Colombia grew up in double-digit. Several markets are rally collapsing, including Argentina, Chile and Ecuador.

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BMW Motorrad. 2019 sales are booming at the new record of 180.000 units

BMW Motorrad growth accelerated in the 2019 following 8 years of continuous success. In the first nine months of this year sales boosted 14% projecting an impressive record of near 180.000 units, in line with the Management target to assault the 200k units by 2020. BMW is growing in all region, but the Indian success shines overall.

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China. Since July 2019 the two-wheeler industry is fast growing

Chinese Motorcycles Market has changed mood since July 2019 and after a long decline is growing an impressive 20% with Year to Date October at 13.8 million sales, up 6.6% The e-scooter segment is booming but also vehicles with traditional combustion are fast growing.

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Vietnam. Losing 4.6% October confirms the 2019 negative trend

Vietnam Motorcycles Market has lost in October 4.6% again confirming the moderately negative 2019 trend. While on top of the list Honda is stable all others top player have lost, with Yamaha down an impressive 24.7%. The new electric vehicles local producer, VinFast, was very well welcomed by the market.

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Argentine Motorcycles Market

Argentina. Zanella & Yamaha are collapsing in a market down 45%

Argentine Motorcycles Market is collapsing hit by the economic and financial crisis and in the first ten months of the 2019 have lost 44% of volume, being the worst market globally. Honda has consolidated the leadership while Zanella dropped in fourth place, overtaken by Motomel and Corven. Yamaha is down over 60%

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