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Indian Electric Scooter and Motorcycles Market felt down 34% in the 2019

Indian Electric Scooter and Motorcycles Market target is to be 90% electric by 2025 by a recent government release as a result of a Think Tank activity chaired by the Prime Minister aiming to dramatically cut pollution and reduce fuel import bill. However, the target can be achieved only with disruptive policies rarely seen in India. However, FAME II introduction pushed 2019 market down over 34%.

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Royal Enfield Continental GT

Great Britain 2019. Royal Enfield booms in a moderately positive market

British Motorcycles Market was moderately positive in the 2019 with total 107.551 sales, up 1.6%. Honda keeps dominating with near 20% of market share, ahead of Yamaha and BMW. While Harley-Davidson lost in double-digit, Royal Enfield scored the fastest increase, up 124%, jumping in 11th place. Suzuki lost 20% and Ducati 5%.

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Australia. Husqvarna the fastest growing in a market down for the third year in a string

Australian Motorcycles Sales Figures in the 2019 has been negative for the third year in a row with 89.199 units, down 6.1% Three Japanese brands dominate the market with over 55% of share, while the fastest growing brand has been Husqvarna (+13%) and Harley-Davidson and Ducati kept declining.

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Italy. BMW at new All Time record in a 2019 market growing only 6%

Italian Motorcycles Market in the 2019 is reported a moderate increase with 260.353 sales, up 6.1%, at the sixth increase in a row. The moped segment kept falling down while Touring segment was the fastest growing. On top of the market, Honda, Piaggio and Yamaha, while BMW hit the new record sales, first time over the 15.000 units.

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France. The 2019 reports an outstanding Peugeot in a fast growing market

French Motorcycles Market in the 2019 was the locomotive of European industry reporting a huge +15.7% increase growing over 300.000 units, first time since 2012. Honda has reduced the gap from the market leader, Yamaha, while Peugeot improved 40% advancing in fourth place, behind Piaggio. Aprilia and NIU among the fastest growing brands.

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Israel. Following six years of growth, in 2019 market fell down 7%

Israel Motorcycles Market in the 2019 declined 7.1% following the previous six years growth. The market is dominated by Taiwanese SYM and Kymco which have a combined market share near 40%. Kawasaki is the best premium brand with an outstanding level of sales in the year, up 52%.

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Spain. In 2019 motorcycles sales up for the sixth year in a row. Electric segment up 46%

Spanish Motorcycles Market in 2019 gains one place in the European ranking, scoring the sixth increase in a row with a robust double-digit performance. Total year sales were 202.969 (+11.0%) while Honda took control followed by Yamaha and Kymco. The electric segment grew up 46.7%, while BMW is up 9% and Harley-Davidson is down 9%.

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Aprilia motorcycles

Aprilia accelerates in the 2019 and global sales are back over 80.000

Aprilia global sales performance in the 2019 is outstanding projecting the year back at the 2012 level, following four raising years. Indeed, in the first nine months of the year, sales have been 65.041, up 8.3%. Indian region is the largest, with 36% of global sales followed by Europe with 27%.

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Piaggio. In 2019 global sales increased 6%

Piaggio improved global motorcycles sales in the 2019 by over 6% with a final projection of 330.000 units (not including commercial vehicles and referring just on Piaggio and Vespa sales). Indeed, in the first nine months of the year global registrations have been 262.283 (+6.8%). North America, ASEAN and Europe have been all positive.

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Argentine Motorcycles Market

Argentina. In 2019 motorcycles sales dropped 44% at lowest level in the last 20 years

Argentine Motorcycles Market collapsed in the 2019 hit by the economic and financial crisis. With 325.312 sales, in the 2019 Argentina was the worst motorcycles market in the World (considering the Top 50 markets) as year-on-year score and the sales level was the worst in the last 20 years. Honda has consolidated the leadership while Zanella lost 60%.

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Benelli runs in the 2020 hitting a new all time record

Benelli Motorcycles in the 2019 hit the new all time record in global sales and after having overtaken Ducati is now challenging Triumph position in the motorcycles ranking. Indeed, in the first nine months of the year global sales have been 50.037, up 8.7%. The 26.8% fall reported in Latam countries have been more than balance by a +27.8% in West Europe.

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India. Two-wheeler sales felt in December for the thirteenth consecutive month

Indian two-wheeler market felt down again in December for the thirteenth consecutive month ending the 2018 with over 3 million units below the record established in the previous year, down 14.4%. All top brands have lost a part Suzuki, which gained to place in the ranking scoring the new all time sales record.

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United States Motorcycles Market

United States. BMW, Triumph & KTM shine in a Market down for the 4th year in a string

United States Motorcycles Market is moderately declining in the 2019, following the previous three years decline. Both motorcycles and ATV segments are losing terrain. Harley-Davidson is still the leader in the motorcycles while the gap towards the top challengers, Honda, could be closed in a couple of years. KTM, BMW and Triumph project the 2019 at new all time record.

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Gogoro. In the 2019 sales boom near the 0.2 million units

Gogoro is boosting sales introducing new models and launching advanced projects, like the launched in  the first GoShare launched in the city of Taoyuan (Taiwan). Full year 2019 sales will be near sixth time higher than in the 2017, with sales not far from the 0.2 million units.

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Yamaha EC-05

Taiwan. Electric scooter segment is booming due to a 2020 revised incentive scheme

Taiwan Motorcycles Market in the 2019 is steady at the previous year level. However, the market is deeply changing and the new local start-up, Gogoro is over doubling sales escalating the ranking. Since January 2020, the Environmental Protection Agency ’s (EPA) incentives to electric vehicles will be reduced with a rush to purchase in these last days of the year.

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Bangladesh. In the 2019 local market will record 600.000 units

Bangladesh Motorcycles Industry is the new frontier for the entire sector. Supported by a favorable development policy and high investment by Indian and Japanese manufacturers, the industry is booming. Following sales doubled in the last three years, in the 2019 sales are projected over the 0.6 million units. Bajaj Auto dominates.

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Europe. Electric Scooter and Motorcycles Market grew up 64% in 11 months 2019

European Electric Scooter and Motorcycles Market grew up 64% in the first eleven months of the 2019 following the already astonishing +100% reported in the previous year. Despite the number of manufacturers grew up at the record of 265, the market is already well concentrated with only one European brand in the podium. Germany is the largest market.

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Thailand. In the 2019 the market declines 2.8% while CO2 based duties are ready

Thailand Motorcycles Market in the 2019 will decline moderately. Indeed in the first eleven months of the year sales have been 1.605.560, down 2.8%, with November figures at 135.532 (-6.9%). In the next months the market could be dramatically changed for the premium brands, with Harley-Davidson, Ducati and KTM heavily penalized by the introduction of a new tax structure.

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Philippines Motorcycles

Philippines. 2019 domestic sales are projected over 1.7 million

Philippines Motorcycles Market in the first ten months of the 2019 was yet positive, despite a slow start of the year and the sales figures improved 9.8%, projecting the year over the 1.7 million units, new record, despite the effect of the recent introduction of new emission standards. While Honda is market leader, KTM and BMW are fast growing.

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Triumph Motorcycles

Triumph. Global sales are projected to hit In the 2019 the sixth all time record in a row

Triumph Motorcycles is projected to end the 2019 at 67.000 global sales, which would be the new all time record, the 6th in a row. year to date September global sales have been 55.192, up 3.5%. Sales are booming in North Asia, North America and Europe while are falling down in India and in the ASEAN region.

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Honda CBR1000RR 2019

Indonesia. In the 2019 the market will be back at 6.5 million

Indonesian Motorcycles in the 2019 is again in the positive track started last year, despite in October and November sales declines, with full year projected near the 6.5 million units. The Government just drew up two targets for the 2025, the 10 million units produced and the 1  million units exported. Just a dream?

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