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Argentine Motorcycles Market

Argentina. Zanella & Yamaha are collapsing in a market down 45%

Argentine Motorcycles Market is collapsing hit by the economic and financial crisis and in the first ten months of the 2019 have lost 44% of volume, being the worst market globally. Honda has consolidated the leadership while Zanella dropped in fourth place, overtaken by Motomel and Corven. Yamaha is down over 60%

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India. In September the two wheelers market lost 21%

Indian two-wheeler market kept falling in September 2019 with 1.7 million sales (-21%) with year to date figures down in double-digit. All top local brands are losing heavy, a part Bajaj Auto which is still in positive territory. Pushed up by the recently opened local plant, BMW is gaining 900% ranking already in 11th place, only two years after landing in the country. KTM is the premium brands leader, while Harley Davidson is struggling.

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Yamaha EC-05

Taiwan September. In 2019 market is fast recovering

Taiwan Motorcycles Market started the 2019 in slow tone, but then surging demand pushed sales up and the year is running up quite well, taking huge benefit from the fast growth of electric scooter segment, driven by Gogoro success, but also with the launch of several new models from any manufacturer.

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Pakistan Motorcycles

Pakistan September. Sales down for the 9th month in a row

Pakistani Motorcycles Industry dropped for the 9th month in a row in September losing 23.9% with year to date figures down over 14% due to the increased tax on the sector, the currency deterioration and vehicles price increase. However, the market stands as the sixth biggest market in the World.

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Vietnam September. Yamaha is losing 23% in a market down 5%

Vietnam Motorcycles Market marginally recovered in September (+3%) and the 2019 is rolling down losing 5%. While on top of the list Honda is stable all others top player have lost, with Yamaha down an impressive 24.7%. The new electric vehicles local producer, VinFast, was very well welcomed by the market.

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Germany September. Despite Q3 was negative the industry is growing 5%

Germany Motorcycles Market in the first nine months of 2019 was pulled up by the outstanding success of the new BMW 1.250 GS which already represent 5.1% of market share, boosting the brand sales on top of the list with a wide gap to all others. Piaggio is in second place ahead of Honda and Kawasaki. Harley-Davidson, Peugeot & Ducati are losing.

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World Motorcycles Market. In the first half 2019 sales down 4.3%

World Motorcycles market has lost over 4% in the first half 2019, mainly due to the simultaneous fall of the two largest markets, India and China. The best region were CIS and Western Europe while sales declined in America, Indian region, Rest of Asia and Pacific.

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Thailand September. Harley-Davidson up 176% in a market down 2.8

Thailand Motorcycles Market is moderately declining with year to date September 2019 sales at 1.32 million units, down 2.8%. The market leader, Honda is in line with the industry while Piaggio is up 27% and Harley Davidson is doubling volumes. Others premium brands struggle, and following the last year record BMW lost 13%, while Ducati is -32% and KTM -70%

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Royal Enfield Continental GT

Great Britain September. Royal Enfield up 124% in a market moderately positive

British Motorcycles Market was moderately positive in the first nine months of the 2019 with total 76.305 sales, up 2.9%. Honda keeps dominating with over 20% of market share, ahead of Yamaha and BMW. While Harley-Davidson lost in double-digit, Royal Enfield scored the fastest increase, up 124%.

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Colombia September. Starker & KTM booming in a market up 12%

Colombian Motorcycles industry kept the positive pathway in September 2019 with sales up 11.5% confirming the place as second largest market in South America with annual sales up 12.2%. Bajaj Auto is market leader ahead of the Honda and AKT while Starker and KTM are booming.

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Peruvian Motorcycles

Peru August. Motorcycles market is recovering despite economic environment is worsening

Peruvian Motorcycles Market in the Q3 2019 is recovering after a shy start of the year and despite the political, social and economic environment are worsening. Year to date August sales were 216.067 (-3.9%). Honda is market leader despite losing 20%, followed by the local brand Wanxim and the Indian Bajaj Auto. 

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Spain September. In the 2019 sales up 10%, while Harley-Davidson lost 9% and EVs gain 32%

Spanish Motorcycles Market is running up in double-digit and will end the 2019 with an outstanding increase. Year to date September sales were 155.798 (+10.8%) with Honda on top followed by Yamaha and Kymco. The electric segment is growing 32.7% while BMW is up 9% and Harley-Davidson is down 9%.

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France September. Peugeot roars up 47% in a market up 17%

French Motorcycles Market in the 2019 the locomotive of European industry confirming in September the almost positive trend with year to date sales at 220.271 units, up a robust 17.9%. Honda has reduced the gap from the market leader, Yamaha, while Peugeot improved 47% advancing in fourth place. Aprilia and NIU among the fastest growing brands.

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Italian Motorcycles

Italy September. NIU is the fastest growing brand in a market up 5%

Italian Motorcycles Market in the 2019 is almost positive despite the Q1 rolling speed declined to a moderate growth during the Q2 and Q3. Year to date September sales at 219.558 units were up 5.7%. BMW is leader among importers while NIU is the fastest growing brand, up 279%.

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Europe. August 2019 sales declined 2%. Harley-Davidson is the worst performing brand this year

European Motorcycles Market in August 2019 declined 2.2%, first time in the year, while Year to Date sales were up a robust 9.0% projecting the entire year at 1.75 million units. Honda is the leader, while BMW and SYM are shining. Ducati is flat, while Harley-Davidson is among the worst.

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China August. Three strong months moved the 2019 sales in positive territory

Chinese Motorcycles Market grew up consistently in the last three month recovering all sales lost in the first 5 months of the year. Year to date figures are 10.8%, up 2.3%. While the e-scooter segment is fast growing, traditional combustion engines segment declines over 15% and the competitive scenario is fast evolving.

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Israel 2019. SYM & Kymco control over 40% of a stable market

Israel Motorcycles Market in the first half 2019 was flat from the corresponding period last year with 9.080 sales. The market is dominated by Taiwanese SYM and Kymco which have a combined market share near 40%. KTM is the best premium brand with an outstanding level of sales.

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Turkey 2019. Yamaha shine in a market moderately down

Turkish Motorcycles Market has lost 10% in July keeping the annual lost within acceptable level, while the car industry has lost near the half during the same period of time due to the deep economic crisis. Honda recovered the leadership lost last year while Yamaha jumped up 74% and BMW lead premium segment.

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Bangladesh. Motorcycles Industry booming again in the 2019 with sales projected over 0.6 million

Bangladesh Motorcycles Industry is the new frontier for the entire sector. Supported by a favorable development policy and high investment by Indian and Japanese manufacturers, the industry is booming. Following sales doubled in the last three years, in the 2019 sales are projected over the 0.6 million units. Bajaj Auto dominates.

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Kymco. Global sales in the first half 2019 declined 2% following 4 record years in a string

Kymco Motorcycles global sales performance slowed down in the first half 2019 following a series of 4 consecutive all-time record. Difficulties in the domestic markets, still counting 63% of global sales, put under risk this year record, despite positive performance in Europe and ASEAN.

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Indian Electric Scooter and Motorcycles Market felt down 40% in the 2019

Indian Electric Scooter and Motorcycles Market target is to be 90% electric by 2025 by a recent government release as a result of a Think Tank activity chaired by the Prime Minister aiming to dramatically cut pollution and reduce fuel import bill. However, the target can be achieved only with disruptive policies rarely seen in India. However, FAME II introduction pushed market down over 40%.

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