Italy. BMW at new All Time record in a 2019 market growing only 6%

Italian Motorcycles Market in the 2019 is reported a moderate increase with 260.353 sales, up 6.1%, at the sixth increase in a row. The moped segment kept falling down while Touring segment was the fastest growing. On top of the market, Honda, Piaggio and Yamaha, while BMW hit the new record sales, first time over the 15.000 units.


Economic Environment

Italian economy barely grew in the third quarter, restrained by an unfavorable external backdrop and shrinking investment activity, while data for the fourth quarter points to protracted economic weakness. Private sector activity likely remained weak in Q4 given falling industrial production and anemic credit growth in October; a further fall in the manufacturing PMI in November; and downbeat business confidence in the first two months of the quarter.

Growth should pick up modestly next year, mainly thanks to somewhat stronger domestic demand and a slight recovery in industrial activity. However, weak external demand, lackluster investment activity, and muted productivity and wage growth will weigh on the economy. Moreover, a volatile political environment and the troublesome fiscal position further cloud the outlook.


2019 Motorcycles Market

According to data released by the Italian Minister of Transportations, the 2019 has been an almost positive year for the two-wheeler industry with full year sales at 260.353, up 5.0%, the fifth consecutive growth in a string, confirming the position as second largest market in Europe, after France.

The 50cc segment continued to decline with only 19.091 sales in the year, down 7.6% and representing the 7.3% of the total, while the over 50cc scooter segment was 133.044 (+5.2%) representing over the half of the total. The motorcycles segment sales have been 98.387 units (+6.5%).

The strong BMW performance pushed up the touring segment (+42.1%), the fastest increasing segment. Others positive growth for the Supermoto (++16.8%) and for the Adventure (+12.9%) and Street (+10.4%).

The development of the electric segment is slower than in other European countries and in the 2019 sales have been only 5.250, up 26.6%.

Italian Motorcycles
Benelli 302S

Competitive Arena

The Italian market is dominated by four brands counting together over the half of the total.

The leader is Honda with 54.634 sales (+7.1%) with 21% of market share.

In second place Piaggio with 42.776 units sold (+5.9%) and 16.4 of market share. In third Yamaha with 26.645 sales (-6.4%) and 10.2% of market share followed by the Taiwanese Kymco with 24.054 (-3.5%).

In fifth place the leader among premium brands, BMW, with 15.632 sales (+13.2%) at the new all time record, first time over the 15.000 units and was followed by Ducati which underperformed with 9.155 sales, surprisingly in negative territory (-0.6%). 

In seventh place SYM with 7.591 units (+19.7%) ahead of Kawasaki with 7.517 (+8.0%), KTM with 7.227 (+4.3%) and in 10th place a fast growing Benelli at 6.818 (+33.7%).

Several manufacturers reported negative score, like Harley-Davidson (-8.2%), Aprilia (-4.1%), Peugeot (-16.5%), Suzuki (-6.7%) and even the electric scooter producer, Askott (-6.6%).


Recent Market Trend

Until the end of the last century, the Italian was one of the most relevant market worldwide. The all time record, established in the far year 2000, with 524.619 sales, was followed by a progressive decline in the demand, at actually the market stands stable at a volume near 50% below the record, while become marginal in the global motorcycles industry chessboard.

According to data released by the Italian Minister of Transportations, after hitting a negative peak of 190.697 units in the 2014, the market in now moderately recovering and is growing since four years.

In the 2018 the fourth increase in a row, sustained by positive demand on motorcycles and on scooter above 50 cc, with full year 2018 sales up at 247.940 (+4.3% vs the previous year).

At the end of the 2018 the market ranked as 21st  in the global ranking and second in Europe after France.



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