Europe. In 2019 the motorcycles industry will hit the highest in this decade

European Motorcycles Market, during 2019, is hitting the best year in this decade. Indeed, Year to Date October sales – 1.52 million – were up 7.3% compared to last year’s equivalent period. Honda is the leader, whereas HarleyDavidson is among the worst. BMW and SYM are shining, while Ducati is flat.


Perimeter & Sources

European Sales reported by MotorCyclesData, cover a wide range of 37 countries, both in European Community area (28 countries) and in East Europe (Bosnia, Serbia, Macedonia, Turkey,). Data do not include C.I.S. countries (like Russia, Ukraine,Moldova,Belarus and Kazakhstan) for which anyhow, we have sales figures (available under subscription) if you are interested.

Data source come from each country’s Local Authorities and aggregated /standardised/ segmented by our team.

Data regard all registered two-wheelers (moped, scooter, motorcycles, ATV, others) and Three/Four-wheelers usually included in this industry, for each engine category (including all the electric scooters/motorbike).

In this report, as usual, we provide a general view of the market, while detailed analysis are available under subscription.


2019 Market Trend

Following the recent years recovery, European two-wheeler market started the 2019 with a booming volume of sales. However, it is progressively losing steam, while keeping a positive profile.

Indeed, the Q1 performance was impressive with sales accelerated by 21.6% and 372.175 units, while during the Q2 sales’ speed cooled down.

By taking a closer look, we noticed that April ended up with +6.9%, May with +1.1% and June, even worse, with +0.7%, leading to first half registrations at 947.597 (+9.6%).

In October sales have been 120.408, up a little 3.6% with year to date 2019 figures at 1.520.000 units (+7.3%). Looking at single segments, the motorbike’s YTD sales have been 568.126 (+7.4%), the scooter/tricycles over 50 cc have been 358.748 (+6.0%) and the 50 cc scooters 225.936 (+11.9%).

The Electric segment is booming as reported in a separate post.

Sales for the Top 10 countries confirm the leadership of France with Year to Date figures at 273.393, up an outstanding +16.8%.

In second place Italy with 240.123 sales (+5.5%) followed by Germany with 183.701 (+5.8%), Spain with 174.207 (+10.8%), Turkey with 134.528 (-7.5%), Great Britain with 96.414 (+2.1%), the Netherlands with 68.502 (+5.1%) and Belgium with 47.850 (+13.7%).

Behind, Switzerland with 40.503 sales (-3.0%) ahead of Austria with 39.648 units (+7.9%).

Competitive Arena

The European market leader is Honda Motor with Year to Date October sales at 213.308 (+8.2%) with 14.1% of market share. This is the lowest market share hold by Honda in any region, proving that despite being the leader, the Japanese giant must fight with a very competitive bulk of rivals.

The second best-selling brand is Yamaha, with 154.815 units (+1.9%), while the third is Piaggio with 144.913 units (+2.9%).

In fourth place BMW with 96.944 (+13.4%) followed by Kawasaki with 63.452 (+10.1%), Kymco with 62.585 (+1.6%), SYM with 59.964 (+12.5%), KTM with 56.588 (+7.0%) and Peugeot with 42.639 (+7.4%).

Triumph is up only 2.5%, while Ducati is +0.3% and HarleyDavidson is losing 7.5%.


Market Heritage

In the 2018 the continental two-wheeler market had been moderately negative with 1.59 million sales (-1.3%) confirming the reduced rule of this area with the Global industry.

Indeed, during the last decade, the European market becomes marginal within the Global Motorcycles scenario, having lost steam, while all the others regions – except for North America – grew up. As a result, Europe (37 countries including Russia, Ukraine and Turkey) actually covers only the 2.4% of the motorcycles global market.

Total continental sales showed a negative gap – from 2012’s 1.89 million to 1.59 million in 2018 – when sales fell down for the third year in a row.

Looking at the single market, in the 2018 France confirmed the rule as largest market, despite losing 6.4% at 266.656 units.

The second market was Italy, with 247.940 sales (+4.3%) followed by Germany with 184.501 (+4.%) Spain with 182.800 (+12.3%) and Turkey with 159.337 (+1.0%).

In sixth place the Great Britain with 105.816 (+0.3%) ahead of the Netherlands with 72.883, down 27.0%, the worse performance for the Top 20 markets, Belgium with 46.979 (+12.3%), Switzerland with 44.085 (-7.3%) and in 10th place Austria with 38.142 units (-6.4%).


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