Spain September. In the 2019 sales up 10%, while Harley-Davidson lost 9% and EVs gain 32%

Spanish Motorcycles Market is running up in double-digit and will end the 2019 with an outstanding increase. Year to date September sales were 155.798 (+10.8%) with Honda on top followed by Yamaha and Kymco. The electric segment is growing 32.7% while BMW is up 9% and HarleyDavidson is down 9%.


Economic Environment

Spain is set to hold a general election on 10 November, as the ruling Socialist Party failed to secure the backing of parliament to form a new government. The Socialists needed the support of Podemos to win a confidence vote, but the far-left party announced it would not do so unless it was admitted into a coalition government, which acting Prime Minister Sánchez rejected. Political uncertainty therefore mounts at a time when the economy is showing increasing signs of weakness. After holding steady in Q2, economic activity likely remained stable in Q3. In July, the industrial sector remained weak, and in August, the manufacturing PMI remained entrenched in contractionary terrain.

Growth should ease this year amid a weaker domestic economy and a subdued external backdrop. The economy is expected to shift into a further lower gear in 2020, as softer employment gains limit household spending growth, investment activity softens further and the tourist sector loses traction. 


Market Trend

According to data released by the Minister of Transportation, the 2019 will be remembered as really positive for the two-wheeler industry!

Indeed the market is scoring a significant increase. The base were posed already in the Q1, when sales rose 19.1% and despite a lower speed, the positive path is still on. During the Q2 sales improved 7.7% ending the first half with 100.726 sales (+12.0%). In the Q3, July was +19.3%, August -5% and September +4.6% with Year to Date figures at 155.798 units (+10.8%).

All segments are growing, with the Motorbikes up 37.5%, the Scooter/Tricycles over 50 cc up 49.0% and the Moped 50cc up 8.2%.

In the first nine months of the year, 7.372 sales have been for electric models, up a modest +32.7%, with two brands, Scutum and Askoll holding over 50% of sales.


Competitive Arena

Spanish market is almost concentrated with the Top 10 brands holding 74.5% of the total volume, while 178 brands have registered at least one units in the 2019.

As in the past, in the first nine months of the 2019 the market leader was Honda with 28.513 sales (+14.4%) holding 18.3% of share (+0.9 points from full year 2018). Honda is market leader uninterruptedly since years and just in the 2014 risked to be surpassed by Yamaha, while in recent years the gap over all the followers grew up again.

Indeed, the second best-selling brand actually there is Yamaha with 20.120 sales (-0.2%) and with 12.9% of share (-1.0 points).

In third place Kymco with 14.378 sales (+12.2%) and 9.2% of market share.

In fourth place, Piaggio  selling 13.865 units (+9.3%) followed by the best premium brand, BMW with 9.881 sales (+9.3%), SYM with 7.928 (+2.9%), Kawasaki with 6.726 (+17.0%), Suzuki with 4.994 (+10.6%) and KTM with 4.690 (+12.9%). HarleyDavidson is losing 9.1%.


Market Heritage

At the end of 2018, the Spanish market ranked fourth in Europe, after France, Italy and Germany, one place ahead of Turkey.

At Global level the market was only 25th, ahead of Guatemala , Turkey and Paraguay and behind Germany, Democratic Republic of Congo and Kenya.

Following the 2008-2009 fall, in the recent years the market entered in a positive mood. Indeed, after having peaked down in the 2014 with a record low volume of 135.082, the market has progressively recovered in the last four years, ending the 2018 with 182.814 registrations. This data is still far from the market potential, considering that is still 23.1% (or near 50.000 units) below the 2012 level.

In these years the market changed, with the sharp decline of the 50 cc models demand, the growth of above 50cc scooters, tricycles and quadricycles and the growth of motorbike sector, fueled not only by the traditional Spanish love for this products but also by a strong recovering economy, with growing spending power for leisure goods. 

In terms of volumes and comparing final figures between the 2014 and the 2018, the scooter/moped 50cc segment grew up 14%, the 50cc + scooter/tricycles +18% and the motorbikes +69%, being the only segment with higher volumes in the 2018 compared with 2012.

Within the motorcycles segment, the fastest growing category (2018 vs 2014) is the Adventure (+121%), followed by Street (+89%) and Sport Touring (+62%).



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