Italy September. NIU is the fastest growing brand in a market up 5%

Italian Motorcycles

Italian Motorcycles Market in the 2019 is almost positive despite the Q1 rolling speed declined to a moderate growth during the Q2 and Q3. Year to date September sales at 219.558 units were up 5.7%. BMW is leader among importers while NIU is the fastest growing brand, up 279%.


Economic Environment

Former arch-enemies, the 5 Star Movement (M5S) and the Democratic Party (PD), formed a new government headed by former Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, which was sworn in on 5 September. Italy’s government bond yield dropped on a swift resolution to the political crisis and the new government’s clearly more pro-European stance. While a deal with EU institutions on the 2020 budget, thus, appears more likely, the new cabinet seems to have a more interventionist approach, which makes the delivery of pro-market economic reforms more unlikely.

Meanwhile, revised national accounts data showed that growth was flat in Q2, with both external and domestic demand making a null contribution to growth, which highlighted the broad-based weaknesses within Italy’s ailing economy. 

Growth is expected to stall this year, restrained by a muted domestic economy. The economy should gain some steam in 2020, on the back of an uptick in domestic demand and a recovery in the industrial sector.


2019 Motorcycles Market

According to data released by the Italian Minister of Transportations, the 2019 is quite a positive year for the two-wheeler industry.

Indeed, the start of the year was roaring with Q1 ended up 16.9%, while in the following quarters sales speed declined. The Q2 was shy and sales improved only 0.5% ending the first half with 152.282 sales (+5.7%).

In the Q3 sales improved with July at 33.170 (+10.2%), August at 13.271 (-3.1%) and September at 20.666 (+3.8%) with year to date figures at 219.558 (+5.7%).

Four brands are dominating the market counting together 50% of market share.

The leader is Honda with year to date sales at 46.826 (+8.8%) with 21% of market share.

In second place Piaggio with 34.728 units sold (-2.3%) and 15% of market share. In third Yamaha with 23.232 sales (-6.6%) and 11.1% of market share followed by the Taiwanese rival of Piaggio, Kymco, with 20.362 sales (-4.0%).

In fifth place the leader among premium brands, BMW, with 13.835 sales (+15.8%), followed by Ducati with 8.025 (-0.8%). 

Few brands are reporting amazing growth, like Fantic Motor (+93%) Moto Guzzi (+44.2%), Benelli (+40%), Quadro +196% and the EVs specialist, like Niu (+279%).


Recent Market Trend

Until the end of the last century, the Italian was one of the most relevant market worldwide. The all time record, established in the far year 2000, with 524.619 sales, was followed by a progressive decline in the demand, at actually the market stands stable at a volume near 50% below the record, while become marginal in the global motorcycles industry chessboard.

According to data released by the Italian Minister of Transportations, after hitting a negative peak of 190.697 units in the 2014, the market in now moderately recovering and is growing since four years.

In the 2018 the fourth increase in a row, sustained by positive demand on motorcycles and on scooter above 50 cc, with full year 2018 sales up at 247.940 (+4.3% vs the previous year).

At the end of the 2018 the market ranked as 21st  in the global ranking and second in Europe after France.



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