Germany June. BMW booming in a market up 8%

Germany Motorcycles Market in the first half 2019 was pulled up by the outstanding success of the new BMW 1.250 GS which already represent 5.9% of market share, boosting the brand sales on top of the list with a wide gap to all others. Piaggio is in second place ahead of Honda and Kawasaki. HarleyDavidson, Peugeot & Ducati are losing.


Economic Environment

Following stronger-than-expected economic growth in the first quarter of the year, the economy is likely to have decelerated somewhat in the second. Amid a challenging external backdrop, exports and industrial production contracted at the sharpest pace in nearly four years in April; meanwhile, business sentiment tanked in April–May, chiefly owing to a worsening outlook on the future business climate.

Growth is expected to slow markedly this year amid a more hostile external environment: Lingering trade tensions between the U.S. and China, slowing Chinese growth, Brexit uncertainty and a possible intensification of U.S.-EU trade disputes pose downside risks. That said, domestic fundamentals should continue to support the overall expansion.


Market Trend

According to data released by the German Minister of Transportations, the start of the 2019 was positive for the two-wheeler industry in Germany as in all the rest of Europe. Sales grew up 3.3% in January, 58.8% in February and 3.3% in March with first quarter figures at 47.301, up a solid 15.5%, despite the surrounding economic environment is not so positive. However, the second quarter have been less positive with monthly sales at 27.320, 23.260 and 20875 (-5.9%) ending the first half with 121.462 units, up 8.9%

Let us to highlight as the German motorcycles market last year gained 3.3% of volume with 182.825 registrations, standing within the recent years boundaries, with the market fluctuating between 174.617 units (2012) and 212.153 (2016). 

Looking at the segment mix, the motorbike is gaining terrain year after year while scooters are suffering, mainly to the lost of 0-50 cc segment. The electric segment is still small with 3.5k units sold in the 2018 over the double than two years before but still marginal in the industry.

Actually the German market stands as the third biggest in Europe,  after France and Italy and ahead of  Spain and Turkey.

At Global level the market is only 24th, ahead of Spain and Guatemala and behind Democratic republic of Congo and Kenya.


Competitive Arena

The market is almost concentrated with the Top 10 brands holding 79% of the total volume, while 239 brands have registered at least one units in the 2018.

Following the huge surprise reported for the 2018, when Piaggio ended as market leader overtaking the local icon BMW, in the first half of 2019 the R1250GS launch – with a dramatic immediate success in Germany as in the rest of Europe – restored the natural ranking and BMW was back on top of the list, even with a wide gap over all followers, having ended the H1 with 18.734 sales (+16.9%) with the new R1250GS at 7.034 sales, with 5.9% of total market share.

In second place Piaggio, actually third with 14.192 sales (+15.2%) and 11.7% of share and in third Honda selling 12.751 units (+3.4%) with 10.5% of market share.

In fourth place Yamaha with 10.735 units (+3.8%) followed by KTM with 10.354 (+10.3%) and Kawasaki with 9.805 (7.3%).

Harley-Davidson ranks in 7th place with 6.591 sales (-9.1%) ahead of Peugeot with 5.073 (-5.8%), Suzuki with 5.003 (-2.9%) and Triumph with 3.433 (+6.0) which overtook Ducati (down 5.1%) for only 13 units.


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