France June. NIU up 500% in a still strong market

French Motorcycles

French Motorcycles Market is almost positive in the 2019 ending the first half with sales up 20%, driven by a recovering 50cc class (+44%). Honda has reduced the gap from the market leader, Yamaha, while BMW is still on top of the premium segment. Peugeot is in fast recovery, while the fastest brand is NIU, up 500%.


Economic Environment

President Emmanuel Macron is pressing on with his sorely-needed economic reforms in the aftermath of a narrow loss at the European elections on 26 May, unveiling additional labor-market overhauls through mid-June. The economy has likewise proven resilient, stepping out from the long shadows cast by last year’s ‘gilets jaunes’ protests and Macron’s controversial Great Debate. First-quarter growth saw household spending bounce back as consumers grew more confident amid the shrinking demonstrations, the tightening labor market and falling inflation, while fixed investment remained upbeat on firms’ equipment-related outlays.

Lackluster growth across much of the Eurozone, as well as lingering Brexit-related anxieties, is expected to frame this year’s externally-driven slowdown. Domestically, however, faster spending—amid recovering economic sentiment and bolstered by Macron’s tax cuts—should offset slower investment, which will need more time to recover.


Market Trend

In the 2018 ranking the French market was reported as the biggest in Europe, ahead of Italy, German, Spain and Turkey.

At Global level the market is only the 20th, ahead of Italy and behind Peru (19th), Nigeria (18th) and Japan (17th).

The French two-wheeler market is one of the most stable in Europe and in the last years was stable around the 275.000 units. In the last two years it was affected by the introduction of new European limits for emissions, which has been  the main reason for the last year decline is in the new European emission regulation, the stage euro 4, introduced in January 2018, forcing the manufacturer to register with the end of December all euro 3 models is stock. The effect for a bulk of self-registrations in the Q4 2017 which pushed the year at the best level of this decade, 285.027 units, heavily penalizing the first half 2018 figures, with 2018 figures declining at 266.656 (-6.4%).

Looking at the 2019, according to data released by the French Minister of Transportations, the year is running in a very good shape for the industry.

Indeed, following a quite positive start, with first quarter figures at 66.516 (+31.8%), in the second quarter sales kept a positive speed, while slower, ending the first half with 161.558 (+20.2%).

The 50 cc scooter segment reported the strongest increase, up 44%, following the fall reported in the previous year, while scooter over 50cc were up 14% and the motorcycles +10.2%. Among the motorbikes, the fastest growing segment is the Supermoto (+114%) followed by the Touring (+19.9%) and the Street (+13.6%).

The electric vehicles segment is the fastest growing with volume at 8.714 units in the first half, up 60.3%, representing the 5.4% of the total market.


Competitive Arena

French market is really fragmented with 388 different brands which have registered at least one model in the 2018.

The leader is Yamaha with 19.493 sales in the first half (+12.1%), holding 12.1% of market share. Not far and very determined to get the leadership there is Honda with 18.968 sales (+24.7%) and with 11.6% of market share.

In third place Piaggio, leader among the scooter specialist, with 12.613 sales (+11.9%) ahead of Kawasaki with 9.813 units (+14.9%), BMW, leader in the premium brand segment, with 9.666 units (+9.5%) and Peugeot with 9.510 (+58%) one of the best performer this year, after Aprilia (+118%), the electric maker NIU (+556%) and the Chinese Linhai (+104%).



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