Europe May. Sales speed reduced at a mere +1%

European Motorcycles Sales

European Motorcycles Market in the 2019 seems to have lost steam after a fast start. Indeed May sales were positive by a mere 1% with crucial markets, like Italy losing Y.o.Y.. The annual gain is still +11.9% but the summer risk to not be positive. Sales figures are collected through local Ministers of Transportations and covers 37 markets, including Turkey and Russia.


Economic Environment

European economy economy likely stayed in a soft patch in the first quarter, plagued by problems in the manufacturing sector and a weaker external backdrop. Economic sentiment fell throughout Q1, recording the worst reading in over two years in March, while declining export orders alongside transitory issues caused industrial output to drop in February and kept the manufacturing PMI in contractionary territory in March. That said, a solid labor market should continue to keep activity in the black. 

Growth is seen slowing sharply this year, hampered by a more challenging external environment, souring sentiment and a weaker manufacturing sector. That said, contained inflation, some fiscal loosening and accommodative monetary policy should provide some relief. Risks stem from a larger-than-expected slowdown in China, political turmoil and rising protectionism.

Market Result in 2019

According to data collected by MotorCyclesData research team, sourcing from local Minister of Transportations or National Statistics agencies and aggregated for 37 European countries (from Portugal to Russia, including Turkey), the start of the 2019 was really positive for the European motorcycles industry, with a level of growth above expectations and driven by the fast development of the electric fueled models.

Following an already positive January, with sales at 83.989 units (+9.7%) and a record growth in February, when the market scored the best year-on-year growth in this decade with sales at 104.152, up a roaring 31.6%, In March the trend was confirmed with 184.034 sales, up 17.8%, ending the first quarter with total sales at 372.175, up 21.6%.

In April sales have been 188.360, up 6.9% and in May 195.433 (+1.1%)  with year to date figures at 753.608 (+11.9%).

Looking at single segments, the motorbike sold year to date have been 350.296 (+8.9%) with the scooter/tricycles over 50 cc have been 203.629 (+9.5%), the 50 cc scooters 121.674 (+19.2%) and all others 81.166.

Electric segment is booming reporting 35.117 sales (+51.4%) year to date.

At country level, year to date France was again biggest market with 128.679 sales and an outstanding +24.2%.

In second place Italy with 120.839 sales (+6.6%) followed by Germany with 100.655 (+13.3%), Spain with 79.515 (+13.3%), Turkey with 61.869 (-9.7%), Great Britain with 47.831 (+7.0%), the Netherlands with 32.464 (+23.9%) and Belgium with 22.761 (+17.9%).

In nine place  Switzerland with 21.765 sales (-0.3%) ahead of Austria with 19.768 units (+7.1%).


Market Heritage

In the 2018 the continental two-wheeler market had been moderately negative with 1.59 million sales (-1.3%) confirming the reduced rule of this area with the Global industry.

Indeed, during the last decade, the European market become marginal in the Global Motorcycles scenario, having lost steam while all the others regions – a part North America – grew up. As result, Europe (37 countries including Russia, Ukraine and Turkey) actually covers only the 2.4% of the motorcycles global market.

Total continental sales fell down from 1.89 million units in the 2012 to 1.59 million in the 2018, when sales fell down for the third year in a row.

Looking at the single market, in the 2018 France confirmed the rule as largest market, despite losing 6.4% at 266.656 units.

The second market was Italy, with 247.940 sales (+4.3%) followed by Germany with 184.501 (+4.%) Spain with 182.800 (+12.3%) and Turkey with 159.337 (+1.0%).

In sixth place the Great Britain with 105.816 (+0.3%) ahead of the Netherlands with 72.883, down 27.0%, the worse performance for the Top 20 markets, Belgium with 46.979 (+12.3%), Switzerland with 44.085 (-7.3%) and in 10th place Austria with 38.142 units (-6.4%).

Within the segments, the motorbikes is growing while the below 50 cc scooter are heavily losing. The electric 2 wheeler vehicles were still marginal, but small scooters segment is growing, mainly in France and Spain, with Ev total sales at 56.000.


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