Israel 2018. Electric two wheelers segment is fast growing

Israel Motorcycles

Israel Motorcycles Market in 2018 has lost 2.2%, following the new all time record established in the previous year. The market is dominated by Taiwanese SYM and Kymco which have a combined market share near 40%. KTM is the best premium brand with an outstanding level of sales.


Economic Environment

Israeli economic growth appeared to dim slightly in the first quarter of the year. The unemployment rate ticked up in January and February in annual terms, while the manufacturing PMI was in negative territory in the same period amid lower purchasing activity by firms. That said, the economy remained on a firm footing; the labor market was still healthy despite the rise in unemployment, which should have buttressed consumer spending, while elevated business sentiment likely supported investment

The economy should expand at a robust pace this year, supported by loose fiscal policy, strong wage growth and healthy external demand for high-tech exports. Moreover, the development of the Leviathan gas field should boost investment. Regional geopolitical tensions and rising global trade protectionism pose downside risks to growth.


Motorcycles Market Trend

Israel represents the largest motorcycles industry in the Levant and Middle East (not including north Africa) and is almost advanced in terms of level of emission allowed (euro 3 standard applied since years and now at euro 4 level) and there are several startups of electric scooter producers.

The market ranks over the 50th place in the Global ranking with the all time record sales established in the 2017 with 18.423 sales, declined 2.2% in the 2018 at 18.017.

The market leader, since a decade – a part the 2015 – is the Taiwanese SYM fighting with the archirival, the other Taiwanese Kymco. In the 2018 they sold respectively 4.054 and 3.024 units with a combined market share of 39.4%.

In third place Yamaha with 16.7% of share, while Honda is fourth with only 8.3%.

The best premium brand is KTM, 5th in absolute with 1.250 sales while BMW is down in the ranking with only 363 units.






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