Italy March. Benelli is booming in a market up 16%

Italian Motorcycles

Italian Motorcycles Market started the 2019 with an outstanding +16.9% during the Q1. Honda, Piaggio and Yamaha are stable on top of the list while BMW confirm the leadership among premium brands. Recently re-born thanks to Chinese investments, the glorious Italian brand Benelli is now booming, with sales up 72%


2019 Market

According to data released by the Italian Minister of Transportations, the start of the 2019 was really positive. After a moderate +3% reported in January, sales improved the speed growing 19.8% in February and 23.9% in March. Total first quarter sales were 60.501, up a robust 16.9%.

Four brands are dominating the market counting together 50% of market share.

The leader is Honda with Q1 sales at 12.600 (+26.5%) with 20.8% of market share, up 0.2 points from the full year 2018. In second place Piaggio with 8.252 units sold (+18.1%) and only 13.6% of market share, down 2.6 points from the full year 2018.

In third Yamaha with 6.910 sales (+19.0%) and 11.4% of market share followed by the Taiwanese rival of Piaggio, Kymco, with 4.600 sales (-1.5%). Leader among premium brand, BMW ranks fourth in the total ranking with 4.456 sales (+16.4%) 

The start was moderately positive for Ducati (+6.5%), Kawasaki (+15.8%), KTM (+11.9%) and Harley Davidson (+0.9%) while Benelli is booming with sales up 72%.

Economic Environment

Italian economy remained in the red in Q4 2018, weighed down by sizable destocking and anemic domestic demand; and incoming indicators point to protracted weakness in Q1 2019, despite exports rebounding in January. Industrial output shrank again in January, while business confidence and the PMI continued to fall in the first two months of 2019, spelling trouble for private sector activity. As for households, worsening consumer confidence and a deterioration in the labor market point to subdued spending patterns.

2019  seems set to be another grim year for Italy’s economy, which will limp along due to muted domestic demand. The government’s labor market and tax reforms, coupled with lingering political instability, will hit job creation and discourage business investment. Moreover, its spendthrift policies could worsen already weak fiscal metrics and lead to further financial turbulence.


Recent Market Trend

Until the end of the last century, the Italian was one of the most relevant market worldwide. The all time record, established in the far year 2000, with 524.619 sales, was followed by a progressive decline in the demand, at actually the market stands stable at a volume near 50% below the record, while become marginal in the global motorcycles industry chessboard.

According to data released by the Italian Minister of Transportations, after hitting a negative peak of 190.697 units in the 2014, the market in now moderately recovering and is growing since four years.

In the 2018 the fourth increase in a row, sustained by positive demand on motorcycles and on scooter above 50 cc, with full year 2018 sales up at 247.940 (+4.3% vs the previous year).

At the end of the 2018 the market ranked as 21st  in the global ranking and second in Europe after France.



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