Italika. Celebrating the 2018 sales record, a new plant was opened in March


Italika, the fascinating Mexican motorcycles company, inaugurated the sixth plant during a ceremony in mid March. The new Lerma plant covers 10.000 square meters and will contribute to increase annual capacity at near 750.000. Italika just ended the 2018 with a new record sales, achieving the milestone of 0.6 million sales in a single year.


Lerma Plant

The new complex, based near the city of Lerma, has 53,000 square meters, of which the production areas covers 10,000 square meters. It has storage for 16,000 motorcycles, distributed in 6 levels. It has 14 ramps to ship a total of 48 units daily, to support this production, the ship is worked for 2 shifts, with 98 people each. This is the sixth production plant opened by the company across the country and when this plant will be fully operative Italika total annual capacity will be closer at the 750.000 units target.

Italika is the leader of Central American motorcycles market having ended the 2018 with a new record sales, first time over the 0.6 million units in a single calendar year, maintaining the outstanding market share in Mexico (over 65%) while fast growing in other Latin American countries, including Nicaragua, Guatemala and Peru.


The Heritage

Italika is a new emerging motorcycles manufacturer headquartered in Toluca, Mexico. Despite this brand is not much known in the rest of the World, in Central America it represents a phenomenal success with an unrivalled performance since the foundation.

The company is born in the 2005 under the umbrella of a large Mexican conglomerate, the Salinas Group, with the idea to local assembly low-cost two-wheels based on Asian technology, design, components and parts. 

Indeed the start-up was focused on creating a domestic network to distribute models assembled in the local plant, but designed by the a Korean firm which was producing motorcycles and scooters for the brand Hyosung.

However, already after few years, Italika ambitions grew up and in short-term they have moved inside all the process and the current models line-up has been designed in Mexico and locally produced, in the Toluca factory, which capacity has been expanded at 750.000 units per year.

In the first 143 years of activity, Italika has produced over 3,5 million motorcycles!

Models Line Up

Italika in these years has progressively expanded the line up and actually covers all market segments in scooters, motorcycles and ATV with engines from 90 to 250 cc.

The line up is:

Italika 125Zmotorcycle125Off-Roadmotocross
Italika 150sZmotorcycle150Off-Roadmotocross
Italika 170 ZATV170Quad
Italika 250 ZATV250Quad
Italika AT110 RTATV110Quad
Italika AT125ATV125Quad
Italika ATV150ATV150Quad
Italika ATV250NEGRAATV250Quad
Italika CS125Scooter125Underbones
Italika D125Scooter125Underbones
Italika DM 200motorcycle196Off-RoadDual Sport
Italika DM125motorcycle125Off-RoadDual Sport
Italika DM150motorcycle150Off-RoadDual Sport
Italika DM250motorcycle250Off-RoadDual Sport
Italika DS150Scooter150Underbones
Italika DS150GScooter150Underbones
Italika DSG125Scooter125Underbones
Italika DT110motorcycle107Off-Roadmotocross
Italika DT125SPORTmotorcycle125Off-Roadmotocross
Italika DT150 Clásicamotorcycle150Off-Roadmotocross
Italika DT200 Sportmotorcycle196Off-Roadmotocross
Italika FIERA150motorcycle150Off-Roadmotocross
Italika FIERA200motorcycle200Off-Roadmotocross
Italika FIERA250motorcycle250Off-Roadmotocross
Italika FT 115motorcycle115Off-Roadmotocross
Italika FT 150 TSmotorcycle150Off-Roadmotocross
Italika FT 180 CON LEDmotorcycle180Off-Roadmotocross
Italika FT 250 TSmotorcycle250Off-Roadmotocross
Italika FT125ROJAmotorcycle125Off-Roadmotocross
Italika FT150motorcycle150Off-Roadmotocross
Italika FT150GTSmotorcycle150Off-Roadmotocross
Italika GS150motorcycle150Off-Roadmotocross
Italika MODENA 150Scooter150Underbones
Italika MODENA175Scooter175Underbones
Italika RC150motorcycle150streetsport
Italika RC150AImotorcycle150streetsport
Italika RC175motorcycle175streetsport
Italika RC200motorcycle200streetsport
Italika RT200motorcycle200streetsport
Italika RT250motorcycle250streetsport
Italika ST90Scooter86moped
Italika V200motorcycle200off-roaddual
Italika VITALIA 125Scooter125Underbones
Italika VITALIA 150Scooter150Underbones
Italika Vort-X300 Rojo/Blancomotorcycle292off-roaddual
Italika WS 150Scooter150Underbones
Italika WS 150 SportScooter150Underbones
Italika WS 175 SportScooter169Underbones
Italika X150Scooter150Underbones
Italika XS 150Scooter150Underbones
Italika XT110 RTScooter110Underbones

The company has recently presented the 2019 line up with new models, like the VX250 Adventure.

The line of electric motorbikes is growing and actually includes the Voltium (pure electric) and the VORT-X (Hybrid).



The Italika motorcycles are produced mainly for the Mexican market and exported to Guatemala, Honduras, Panama, Costa Rica and Peru.

In all of these countries Italika has acquired a relevant market share also thanks to an innovative distribution strategy based not only on the traditional network of small outlet, but thanks to partnership agreements with top shopping mall like Best Buy, Elektra, Soriana, Liverpool, Viana, Walmart, Chedraui y Comercial Mexicana selling in 3.000 point of sales in Mexico.

Since 2017 Italika started the expansion in the ret of Latin America opening a distributors in Peru achieving the outstanding level of 16.663 sales in the 2017 and projecting over 20.000 units in the 2018.

At the end of 2017, Italika’s point of sales outside Mexico were 250 and the target is to expand to 750 by 2020, when they will probably be near to exceed the 1 million sales in a single year.

Not bad!


Sales Performance

According to data sourced in the McD Database, in the 2018 Italika hit the all-time sales record first time above the 0.6 million units, with a marginal increase in the domestic market, but with fast grow in the Latin America region, with double digit growth in Peru, Guatemala and Nicaragua.



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