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French Motorcycles

France. In March sales down 54% projecting the 2020 at 170.000 units

French Motorcycles Market momentum was killed in March as the Covid19 forces the country to shut down commercial activities. In March new motorcycles sales have been 14.179 (-52.2%) ending the first quarter with 54.650 units, down 17.8%. According to our Research Team the full year 2020 sales will be 170.000 (-44.9%), but the 2021 will show an immediate recovery.

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Latin America motorcycles

Latin America. Following the 6.4% lost last year, the 2020 will be widely negative

Latin America motorcycles market in the 2019 was almost negative with sales at 3.2 million, down 6.4% from the previous year, despite the two largest markets, Brazil and Colombia grew up in double-digit. Unfortunately all the other 14 countries we track have reported a negative performance. While original outlook for the 2020 was positive, the Covid19 arrival in the region is now deteriorating all the economic indicators, severely hurting the industry

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Italy. Following the March fall the 2020 is projected down 46%

Italian Motorcycles Market fell down 65% in March, when all economic activities were in shut down since the 10th, due to the huge emergency created by the Covid19, with all dealers closed. The Q1 ended down 25% while we are projecting the entire 2020 at 139.000 units, down 46% with a recovery in the 2021 which will not allow the market to be back at the pre-crisis level

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Pakistan Motorcycles

Pakistan. Q1 2020 sales decline for the sixth quarter in a row

Pakistani Motorcycles Industry has unchanged the negative trend and the Q1 2020 had been the sixth declining quarter in a row. Despite the Covid19 will marginally hit the Pakistani economy, the outlook for the year is negative, due to high price, increased duties on the sector, currency depreciation, while the recovery should start only in the Q2 2021.

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Spain. Motorcycles Market collapsed in March losing 45.9% as shut down effect

Spanish Motorcycles Market collapsed in March losing 45.9% as consequence of all commercial activities shut down in place since mid month. The Q1 ended with 38.432 sales (-10.8%) thanks to the positive start, before the Covid19 crisis. The 2020 is the hardest year since the II World War and the motorcycles market will deeply lose sales, with full year 2020 projection down 46.6%.

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India. First Quarter 2020 sales down 20% with the full year projected below the 15 million

Indian two-wheeler market started the 2020 keeping the negative trend in place and losing 14% in January and 19% in February, with March projected 29% down, at the 16th consecutive year on year lost. The effects of Covid19 will further deteriorate the outlook, already penalized by Euro 4 emission standard introduction and vehicles price increase.

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Thailand. The global recession will hit the market in 2020 with a projected lost of 20%

Thailand Motorcycles Market started the 2020 with a -3% after two months, keeping the moderate decline in place. The environment will deteriorate during the year as the export activities, crucial in the country, will be hit by global recession and domestic demand will fall down. The motorcycles market will be hit and is projected to lose 20%

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Vietnam. The 2020 fast start (+11%) will be broken by economic growth decline

Vietnam Motorcycles Market has started the 2020 with a double-digit growth with Year to Date February sales up 11% at 476.000 units. However, in projection the national economy will be indirectly hit by the global recession and despite the Covid19 seems under control, the new vehicles demand will decline in the next months, with full year sales foreseen at 2.6million, down 6%.

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Paraguay. In the 2019 sales improved at the third highest level ever

Paraguay Motorcycles Market is the 26th largest in the World, gaining 3 spots last year when sales improved at 171.580. The market is controlled by local made product and local Manufacturer control the first 5 places in the ranking. After over a decade, Kenton has lost the leadership, outpaced by Star. Honda is the first not-local brand.

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Gogoro. Following the boom in Taiwan the focus is on international expansion

Gogoro is boosting sales introducing the new Viva and improving the battery capacity on Gogoro3. The company launched new advanced projects, like the first GoShare launched in the city of Taoyuan (Taiwan). 2019 sales have been over sixth time higher than in the 2017, with sales over the 150.000 units, almost concentrated in Taiwan

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Egypt. In the 2019 the market kept falling down

Egyptian Motorcycles industry felt down 34% in the 2019 continuing on the negative pathway started few years ago. Indeed the market had been penalized by increased price due to high inflation and new duties which killed the relevant rickshaw segment. The motorcycles segment has been moderately positive with Bajaj as market leader ahead of Honda.

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World Motorcycles Market. In the 2019 sales down 1.6 million units

World Motorcycles market has lost 1.6 million units in the 2019 compared with the previous year, which was at the highest level ever. The sales lost in the largest market, India, have only partially recovered by the positive trend in China and Europe. However, 2019 was positive while the forecast for the 2020 is awful.

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SYM Fiddle II

SYM. European double-digit growth boosted Global Sales at the new record

SYM motorcycles boosted global sales during the 2019 with a new record of 406.812 sales. The new record was based on European operations, while the manufacturer is growing in all regions, including Latin America, Africa, CIS, East Europe and in Asia. In Taiwan the year was positive while not at the best.

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Kymco. Thanks to a Q4 rush, the 2019 ended at the second sales level ever

Kymco Motorcycles global sales performance recovered in the 2109 after the slow score in the previous year and – thanks to a year end rush – hit the second highest score ever. Sales are growing in Asia and Latin America, while in Europe the manufacturer stands at the lowest level in the decade.

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Royal Enfield

Royal Enfield. In the 2019 Global Sales down 18% despite booming in Europe

Royal Enfield has lost a deep 18% of sales in the 2019 following sixth consecutive all time record years. Sales are fast growing in all regions, but in India, which dragged down the global performance. In Europe sales are booming in all countries and UK become the second market worldwide. Good score in Argentina and Colombia as well

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TVS Motor

TVS Motor. In 2019 global sales decline 10%

TVS Motor global sales  declined near 10% in the 2019 mirroring the negative performance in the domestic market. Sales have been 2.9 million confirming the fifth place in the ranking of top selling motorcycles manufacturer in the World, Despite having a distribution network in over 60 countries, international business is still too marginal.

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Hero Motor. Global sales declined in double-digit in the 2019

Hero Motors reported in the 2019 the first double-digit lost since 2011 divorce with Honda, hit by the lost in the domestic market which has not been balanced by international activities.¬† The World’s second largest motorcycles company is facing the first difficulty after a series of annual records and in the 2020 should demonstrate the ability to counteract a negative market environment

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bajaj auto

Bajaj Auto. Global sales declined in the 2019 while international activity grew up

Bajaj Auto in the 2019 pushed the brake in the global expansion, due to the lost of 12% in the domestic sales in India. Global sales had been 3.6 million, down 0.2 million from the previous year. The growth in several markets, including CIS region and east Europe and the gain of share in Latin America allowed to contain the lost in a negative market environment.

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Mexico Motorcycles

Mexico. Driven by local brands success the market outpaced the 1 million annual sales

Mexico Motorcycles Market near doubled sales in the period 2014-2019 reaching over 1 million annual sales and surging in the 9th place worldwide, second in America, after Brazil. The market is dominated by local brands, with Italika holding near 70% of the market and Vento and Caravella in the podium.

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Triumph Motorcycles

Triumph. Global sales flat in 2019

Triumph Motorcycles pushed the break in the Q4 ending the 2019 marginally below the previous year record, with less than 62.000 sales globally. Around the World the performance was mixed, with the best trend in ASIA and the worst in ASEAN countries. Triumph gains in Europe but lose in North America and the 2020 will be challenging for the industry environment.

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Ducati. Despite opening many Ducati Stores, 2019 sales were flat

Ducati Motor Holding ended the 2019 below our projection, due to low Q4 sales and in the 2019 was flat over the previous year, despite opening several Ducati Stores. The manufacturer has just marginally benefit from the positive industry trend in Europe, losing in the ASEAN, in North America and performing well just in China and Brazil.

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